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       In the early 90’s our founder, Greg Skirboll, was a man with a dream. He dreamt of a place where good food and good people could come together without traditional culinary limitations and chain restaurant gimmicks. Where guests come to tailor their experience, making fond memories and leaving with happy, full stomachs.  What started as a “burrito bus”  food truck concept has luckily for us, evolved into his uncontrollably delicious Mexitaly movement!  After years of working with the suits in “the real world”, Greg finally followed his dreams and combined his love of traditional Mexican cuisine and his initial experience of working in his mother’s Italian Restaurant to create something nobody had ever seen before.  It’s no wonder that after a decade of serving York, Mexitaly has grown into a favorite local hangout. Serving food to satisfy even the pickiest foodie, creating highly rated craft brews on-premise, Mexitaly proves that dreams do come true; we would love to invite you here so yours can be fulfilled too!

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