Craft Brews

Our nine rotating taps feature craft beers made less than 30 feet away by our head Brewer, Rick Kunkel. Touting 20 years experience in the craft brewing scene, his brewing passion has found a home at Mexitaly and manifests in a wild variety of styles. Our philosophy at Mexitaly is to provide accessible beers for both the “lager” drinker and for the most astute beer snob seeking something new. By providing easy-going conventional styles such as our Golden Years, Lightning’s Hand Pilsner and Kokomo Kolsh alongside favorite and unique creations such as Vanilla Bourbon Porter, Loveshine (Belgian Hibiscus) and R.B.F. (Blueberry Sour), we successfully fulfill our aim to please everybody with our eight rotating taps!

Check out our facebook page, check or just give us a call to find out what we have on tap this week!  Whatever you do, come with an open mind but DON’T fall in love with a beer because they rotate quickly!

Featuring as of July 1, 2018
Sunrise Siesta 4.7%
An easy-drinking Mexican Lager with jut a background hint of lime. A perfect pairing with most anything from our Mexitaly food menu!
Blood Orange Hefeweizen 5.3%
Its back!! Our much anticipated refreshing summer Hefeweizen is back on tap. Fill your growler while you have the chance, because this fresh, orange-hued wheat treat runs out quick!
Purple’s Passion 8.8%
Originally brewed in honor of Prince’s passing, this Belgian Strong pleases the palette with the addition of Elderberries, Black Currants and Rose Hips. A fruity, malty tart character complement5.4s this Ale’s dark purple color.
Midnight Hour 4.5%
A rich dark stout with naturally occuring chocolate and coffee aromas. Bold yet with a delightfully smooth mouth feel.
Red Alert 5.8%
ATTENTION! There is chocolate in my beer! We’ve taken this radiant ruby red ale and enhanced the maltiness with an elevated appearance of smooth chocolate. 
Crooked Pinky Porter 5.7%
The namesake of our beloved Brewer’s own crooked pinky! This traditional Porter is deliciously rounded and robust without the addition of superlative flavors, making it a great partner pairing with almost anything off our food menu!
The Islands 6.8%
A tropical twist on and IPA provided by additions of coconut and pineapple. The fruit is further enhanced by utilizing fruitier hop varieties.
Biere de Garde 7.3%
Translated to for “beer for storing” French farmers would brew this farmhouse style medium bodied ale in the cooler months where it would cold condition only to be revealed and consumed once warmer temperatures arrived.


If beer is not your forte, we also have cider, wine, mead and sangria options!

Cider provided by Big Hill Ciderworks and Wyndridge.

Wine by the glass provided by Pinnacle Ridge.

$20 bottles of wine by Allegro and Naylor.

House-made sweet white and red Sangria.

Ginger Mead on tap by DiFrancesco Meadery!