Craft Brews

Our nine rotating taps feature craft beers made less than 30 feet away by our head Brewer, Rick Kunkel. Touting 20 years experience in the craft brewing scene.   His brewing passion has found a home at Mexitaly and manifests in a wild variety of styles. Our philosophy at Mexitaly is to provide accessible beers for both the “lager” drinker and for the most astute beer snob seeking something new. By providing easy-going conventional styles such as our Golden Years, Lightning Hand’s Pilsner and Kokomo Kolsh alongside favorite and unique creations such as Vanilla Bourbon Porter, Loveshine- Belgian Hibiscus and RBF- Blueberry Sour, we successfully fulfill our aim to please everybody with our eight rotating taps!

Check our facebook page, check or just give us a call to find out what we have on tap this week!  Whatever you do, come with an open mind but DON’T fall in love with a beer because they rotate quickly!

Featuring as of Jan 19, 2017
Lightweight- Buckwheat Grisette 4.9%
Dry and peppery similar to a Saison this historic style is refreshingly drinkable.
Lightning’s Hand Pilsner 6.1%
A sturdy, Pilsner-style Lager with a refreshing bitterness and a commanding noble hop aroma.
Combination Saison/IPA 7.5%
A fresh and juicy IPA fermented with a fruity and mildly tart Saison yeast strain, then dry hopped for addition of bright aromatics.
Volcanic IPA 6.7%
If you’ve had it, you know it and you love it! Our classic, brilliant golden IPA will have even the toughest IPA critic begging for another pint!
Imperial Maple Nut Brown 8.1%
Luscious Layers of caramelized malts create a medley of semi-sweet nuttiness riding over mild background notes of real maple syrup.
3 Kings Winter Bock 8.4%
This weizenbock will be sure to warm you up on the coldest of days. A generous amount of wheat enhances this satisfying, malty and somewhat fruity winter delight!
Chocolate Porter 5.8%
The addition of real cocoa nibs melds layers of smooth, rich chocolate with dark and inviting robust grains. This dry Chocolate Porter pairs wonderfully with our sweet Imperial Maple Nut Brown to form a full-bodied beer combination we like to call the “New Nutella”.
Sunrise Siesta 5.3%
An easy-drinking, crisp Mexican Lager with just a background hint of lime. A perfect pairing with anything from our Mexitaly food menu!

In the Fermenters;
In Trance Belgian Tripel (Coming on tap Wednesday, Jan 24!)
A light and fruity Belgian Tripel that packs a 8% punch!
Morning Impact Coffee Stout
Coffee notes hover over a strong, robust and toasty character.
Biere de Mars
A variation on our Biere de Garde (which translates as “Beer for storing”) this French farmhouse spring style ale is from a time when French farmers would brew beer in the cold months of winter and store it until Spring.