Craft Brews

Our nine rotating taps feature craft beers made less than 30 feet away by our head Brewer, Rick Kunkel. Touting 20 years experience in the craft brewing scene, his brewing passion has found a home at Mexitaly and manifests in a wild variety of styles. Our philosophy at Mexitaly is to provide accessible beers for both the easy “lager” drinker and for the most astute beer snob seeking something new. By providing easy-going conventional styles such as our Golden Years, Lightning’s Hand Pilsner and Kokomo Kolsh alongside favorite and unique creations such as Vanilla Bourbon Porter, Loveshine (Belgian Hibiscus) and R.B.F. (Blueberry Sour), we successfully fulfill our aim to please everybody with our eight rotating taps.

To see what is featured on our taps click here or just give us a call! We always feature a myriad of styles. Whatever you do, come with an open mind but try not to get too attached because they rotate quickly!

Click HERE for the tap list