Craft Brews

Our nine rotating taps feature craft beers made less than 30 feet away by our head Brewer, Rick Kunkel. Touting 20 years experience in the craft brewing scene, his brewing passion has found a home at Mexitaly and manifests in a wild variety of styles. Our philosophy at Mexitaly is to provide accessible beers for both the “lager” drinker and for the most astute beer snob seeking something new. By providing easy-going conventional styles such as our Golden Years, Lightning’s Hand Pilsner and Kokomo Kolsh alongside favorite and unique creations such as Vanilla Bourbon Porter, Loveshine (Belgian Hibiscus) and R.B.F. (Blueberry Sour), we successfully fulfill our aim to please everybody with our eight rotating taps!

Check out our facebook page, check or just give us a call to find out what we have on tap this week!  Whatever you do, come with an open mind but DON’T fall in love with a beer because they rotate quickly!

Featuring as of March 16, 2018
Kokomo Kolsh 5.0%
Originating from Cologne, Germany, our Kolsh boasts a bright, straw colored hue and an easy drinkability.
R.B.F.- Blueberry Sour 5.1
Thirst quenching with a mild, lactic tartness, yet refreshing with a fresh blueberry presence; this Sour beauty is just the right amount of tart and sweet… As for the name: Recreational Blueberry Fufillment?… Refined Blueberry Fascination?.. We will let you insert your own interpretation here!
In Trance Belgian Tripel 9.0%
The Granddaddy of Belgian Ales, this golden-straw colored classic Tripel finishes fruity and mildly sweet, with a superb, well-hidden alcohol content.
Biere De Mars 6.2%
This farmhouse style ale is a rare subtype of ‘Biere de Garde’ (‘Beer for Storing’). Brewed and stored outside by French farmers during the cold winter months, anticipation of Spring caused for celebration and for the release of their “Beer for March” a malty, copper colored beauty.
Meanstreak Double IPA 8.5%
Burnt orange in color and bursting with a complex maltimess, this IPA features layers of different hop varieties capturing a noticeable essence of pine and spice.
Morning Impact Coffee Stout 7.5%
A roasty, toasty wake up call! Rich, creamy and full bodied, this stout stands out as a favorite adult coffee classic! Featuring a blend of local coffee beans from our friends at The Green Bean Roasting Co.
Chocolate Porter 5.8%
The addition of real cocoa nibs melds together layers of smooth, rich chocolate with dark and inviting robust grains.
Panik Attak 5.8%
Fear no beer!! This is a smooth, mildly hoppy Pale Ale which is highlighted by the addition of several pungently aromatic hop varieties.

In the Fermenters
This historical style of beer which translates to ‘old beer’ in German gets its name from utilization of top fermentaing yeast.
Hemp, Hemp Hooray
It’s that time again! Every year around April we release this malty beer in celebration of earth day and the green foliage holiday!
Golden Years
Our favorite easy drinker comes back to fill your glass with a beer that tastes like just a beer!